Is it safe to buy in Dinet?

DINET agrees that all purchases, queries and complaints are treated with the utmost security and confidentiality of your data. We comply with the Code of Ethics on electronic commerce and interactive advertising, in addition to meeting all requirements of the Law of Services of the Information Society (LISS).
For any questions call our customer service telephone 93 535 35 04 or if you prefer you can go to info@dinet.es that answers your queries.

How I can pay?

We offer you the following payment methods:

. Join in our bank account of "La Caixa" 2100 0628 98 0200131182

• Payment by transfer so we have a discount based on the product. La Caixa 2100 0628 98 0200131182

• Through credit card through our Virtual TPV La Caixa

• Payment in cash, by paying to the collection of your order at our facilities in Fluvià, 97 (1º-2ª)Street Dinet,  08019 Barcelona

• Payment on delivery cash on delivery of the goods.

Why do I get a discount if I pay the full amount of my purchase by bank transfer?

In other operations, DINET should cost about bank charges, the payment for admission / transfer do not exist, so this benefit has a direct impact on the client, you get a discount.

Does this include shipping?

Shipping charges are not included. Following rates will apply according to the weight of the package to send (Prices for Peninsula and Andorra).

- Up to 2 kg. - 7 €

- Up to 5 kg - 10 €

- From 5 to 10 kg - 14 €

Can you order me to serve anywhere in Spain?

Our delivery service covers the entire peninsula and Andorra. Balearic and Canary Islands (by air).

How long will my order?

Delivery times will depend on the type of product purchased and stocks, but if the product is in stock and can vary from two up to five days. However, we will contact you to inform you of approximate delivery time and remember that you have a telephone customer service where we will indicate the status of your order (93 535 35 04).
Note that if do not pay your order on the following working 24/48 hours (in the case of income and / or transfer) will void the reservation of your products, and products may no longer be available at the deadline indicated in case of reorder.
In any case, remember that the delivery period shall commence from the next working day of payment confirmation of your order.

If it slows down my order, what I can cancel?

In most cases, we can state that orders are delivered within the deadline. But sometimes, much to our regret, there are factors that can delay delivery slightly.

Not be considered non-delivery unless it has been possible to locate the buyer by the data provided.
We track each order custom. Therefore, for any delay in delivery we will contact you to stay informed.

After-sales Service

Our greatest desire is that our clients receive the best service to this end we have created after-sales service to help us to improve the service with your comments. We offer you the following ways to contact us:

Telephone care 93 535 35 04

Mail: info@dinet.es